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Friends of the Oceanside Public Library


Founded in 1971 as a non-profit organization, the mission of the Friends of the Oceanside Public Library is to support and promote the services and resources of the Oceanside Public Library through community involvement, volunteer activities and fundraising. The organization maintains a membership of persons interested in the Library, sponsors special programs and cultural events for both children and adults, and works to enhance the Library’s collection and facilities.

The Friends of the Oceanside Public Library sponsors library programs and events for all ages ranging from author and musical events, to summer reading programs for children, teens, and adults.

We also run the all-volunteer bookstores in the Civic Center and Mission Branch Libraries, sort donations and conducts quarterly book sales, and produce annual fundraisers.


The Friends of the Oceanside Public Library believe that the Library and its services and programs are essential to the community.


Each friend adds a new voice for advocacy of all public libraries, membership lends weight to grant applications, and that the Library’s efforts to keep pace with the changing technological landscape merit the community’s full support.

When you join the Friends of the Oceanside Public Library, you are telling the community that libraries and lifelong learning are important, and that access to up-to-date information is indispensable to the development of human potential and enlightened self-government.

The Friends are committed to helping the Library stay abreast of the times. We supply funding towards the Library budget for books, audiobooks, movies and music, magazines, and electronic resources.


The Friends also support special programs including exciting cultural events, book clubs, summer reading programs for all ages, and more.

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